Computer Based Training For "You", Electricians, Technicians and Facility Personnel - Both 'Qualified and Un-qualified'


Welcome to MY70E Online Training

We are dedicated to the WORKING PEOPLE of the USA needing NFPA 70E AWARENESS training per section NFPA 2015 70E Standard. We will walk you through a detailed explanation, and details associated with NFPA 70E, OSHA, and IEEE to align your paper credentials for you and your company.

Remember, this is only a small piece necessary to perform electrical work energized (hot). There is no way we can cover every hazard you may be presented with. What we can do, however, with real life explanations is slow you down, instill some process and force conversations between management and facilities. This in itself will lower your risk and your companies risk regarding arcflash, shock and electrical safety.

Arc Flash PPE

After reviewing this website, sign up, take the test and get yourself credentialed for taking 8 hours of Electrical Safety w/NFPA 70E awareness Training. This will go on your resume and your employee file.

This is the most cost effective approach - NO boring instructor telling you how smart he is to 30 of your co-workers, NO travel away from your family.

Take this TRAINING and TEST in your own home or at work on your TIME!