About Us

Fantastic! What you found is www.my70e.com which is a computer based training (CBT) program specifically for those looking for annual update awareness in electrical safety. This version is a hybrid of Bowtie Engineering's www.bowtie8.com world class onsite training provided throughout the United States. You can trust the materials found here are current within the rules and built from actual experiences performing electrical work, not text book lecture type of materials.


OHSA CFR 29, 1910 requires training that is relative to the hazards and the risks to personnel.

NFPA 70E Article 110, states that employers shall determine, through regular supervision and through inspections conducted on at least an annual basis, that each employee is complying with the safety-related work practices required by this standard.

5-10 people a day are being burned or killed from Arc Flash hazards! We are not done yet!

Training, training, training, we hear it every day, and you have probably sat in boring conference rooms to get you compliant. We are fixing that so you see the risks, appreciate the power of electricity and understand that it will take your head off if you're not perfect.

We both know training is needed on multiple levels. We admit however this subject matter is challenging to get the point across.

This CBT is for you. If you take the needed time to understand the rules of engagement before you work hot, we both will be working in a safer industry. We AT Bowtie, know that we can work on the electrical system anywhere with the:

  1. Right Person
  2. Right Process
  3. Right Tools (PPE)

And.....when there is a failure in 1,2, or 3, people die!

This comprehensive approach will be low stress for you and we will send you a certificate of completion for your continuous education. Don't forget that NFPA 70E requires a refreshing every 3 years, also found in Article 110 of NFPA 70E Standard.

Good Luck and Enjoy this knowledge based system.