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Those making use of services are responsible for remaining within the regulations and ethical standards of their profession, as well as adhering to state and local law - all of which are subject to change. Those with questions on currents legislation or guidelines should get in touch with the appropriate licensing board, professional association, or government agency. holds the sole copyright to these web pages unless otherwise noted. These web pages may not be reproduced or distributed in any form without prior permission with the exception of the publicly accessible home and introductory pages. Links to these public pages are welcomed and do not require permission. All content accessible to those who have enrolled in the online courses remains under copyright protection and is not to be reproduced in printed or electronic form or linked to except with prior written permission.'s site and content is accessed at the user's risk. is not liable to any other party for the misuse of this site, for any loses or damages, direct or indirect, incidental or punitive, not limited to loss of profits, earnings, or business opportunities, nor personal injury from the use of this website's content. Nor is this site responsible for any legal fees, damages, costs, or liabilities resulting directly or indirectly from the use of this website's content. This limited liability extends to acts of commission or omission as well as negligence on the part of that may result in any type of legal action. Those making use of the content on this web site agree to indemnify and hold harmless against any and all claims and expenses, legal and governmental fees arising from the use of any information in this website.

Refunds and Returns: The sale of all courses is final and not subject to refund or return.

All online courses are web-based and subject to electronic transmission. The use of a dial-up modem will slow down transmission, especially of the larger documents. The purchaser is responsible for insuring that he or she has the necessary technology and access to technical support in order to access the online courses, and that their email service accepts and does not block emails originating from None of this material will be sent via an alternative delivery system, including but not limited to fax, U.S. Postal Service, or email attachment.

For customers without the ability to print documents, the Certificate of Completion can be delivered by US Mail. There is a $25 processing and handling fee for this services.

The AOL server has had difficulties acknowledging the delivery of some documents. Switching to another browser may require re-entering some information. In some instances you may need to disable your pop-up blocker.

It is neither legal nor ethical to share content from the limited access web pages on this site with none-enrolled users, to pass on links to the evaluative or certificate pages, or to obtain more than one completion certificate. Access to the content of the courses offered by is limited to those who have registered and paid for each specific course.

The purchaser is responsible for insuring that he or she has the necessary technology and access to technical support in order to access the online courses, and that their email service accepts and does not block emails originating from

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